Who are we?

Behind Coldfoot Camp's everyday operations, there's a close-knit team of coworkers who all love Alaska and take genuine joy in showing visitors our incredible surroundings. Some of us stay for a season, some of us intend to stay for a season...but love it so much we stay for years.

An important part of the reason we're so confident in our guides, hosts, and other coworkers (really--ask us anything!) is because of the amount of time most have spent adventuring and exploring in and around Coldfoot and the Brooks Range.

Most coworkers are avid hikers, and many are also passionate travelers who know how life-changing a single trip, experience, or hike can be. Most of us have also had the courses of our lives changed by falling head over heels for the Alaskan wilderness. We're passionate about helping you experience the same magic.

Coming to the Arctic requires an adventurous spirit, but we're here to make sure you have the best experience you possibly can. We want you fall in love with the Arctic and the Brooks Range as much as we have!

Banner photo by Nickolas Warner.

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