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Coldfoot Camp is a perfect home base for any Arctic adventure you can dream up.

We’re conveniently located at the foot of the Brooks Mountain Range, very near the Gates of the Arctic National Park, and a short drive from hike-in access for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Though you’re welcome to explore any of these areas by foot, just keep in mind that there are no roads through Gates of the Arctic or Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

In the winter, we’re right in the middle of the Northern Lights zone: any time it’s dark, clear outside, and the aurora is bright enough to be seen, you’ll be able to see it right here.

If you’re looking for an adventure closer to Coldfoot Camp, the best thing to do is just to explore on foot! There are only a few walking trails (behind the Visitor Center across the street) but there are a number of beautiful little creeks, rivers, hills, and mountains that surround us.

There’s an activity for every traveler at Coldfoot. Some of our best days are spent lounging on gravel bars, reading in the sunshine and occasionally taking a dip in the creek. Some of us love taking multi-day treks to camp out in the peaceful wilderness. Some of us mush, sled, ski, and snowshoe every chance we get. Others of us head out in the morning to summit a new mountain, but always make it back in time for the handcrafted dinner buffet.

Our experiences are a great place to start–we’ll take you exploring in a safe and guided way. But if you’re feeling pulled in all different directions and need pointers or general tips, ask any coworker.

Photo by Kenji Sato.

Photo by Kenji Sato.

Another important thing to keep in mind as you’re exploring is the fact that we share the beautiful Brooks Range wilderness with a variety of different wildlife. An encounter with a wild animal can be an amazing experience—if you are cautious, prepared, and safe.

Before embarking on an adventure or trek, be sure to read up on bear and moose safety guidelines. Announce your presence loudly and frequently on any hikes you take. And make sure you have your camera ready—you never know what kind of wildlife you’ll come across.

Banner Photo by Kenji Sato.