Hello, world!

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Coldfoot Camp–thanks for stopping in! As you may have seen on one of our social media accounts, today’s the big launch for our new project…this blog! 🎉

This whole blogging thing is pretty new for us, and we will definitely be learning as we go. But, we’re really excited to start building the virtual Coldfoot Camp space! All of us who live and work at Coldfoot are passionate about our love for the Arctic, for Camp, and for the Brooks Range, so we’re thrilled to get to share it whenever and wherever we can.

To cut to the chase–we’re hoping this blog will be the ultimate scoop on Coldfoot, informed by all of our time living here and falling in love with this place. We know that planning your first trip up to Coldfoot can be daunting; but that doesn’t have to be the case. So, we’ll be talking all kinds of things here: from what to do once you get to Coldfoot, to plant life and wildlife in the area, to where to hike, to what to pack based on the season–even what to listen to on your road trip up from Fairbanks!

In addition to a helpful guide, we sincerely hope this blog becomes a place to have a conversation. If you were to walk into the Coldfoot Truckers’ Cafe at any time of day or night, a coworker would be around to help find an answer to your question: it’s just a core part of how we operate.

Even if you can’t come on in just yet, if you have a question or topic you'd like us to cover–no matter how weird or mundane–drop a comment, shoot us an email, DM us, Tweet us, or message us on Facebook. We’ll do our best to reply and write a post on it so others can benefit, too.

So, whether you’re just following us for fun, adding us to your bucket list, or already midway through planning a visit this year or next, we hope you’ll find something here! 

We’ll be back soon with our first “real” post, so stay tuned. 



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